Only One Rental Left... A Busy Night

ISSUE #718: July 8-14, 2018


Brian Timmons, Newsletter Author
Brian Timmons

Dear friends,

When I started Residencias Los Jardines, I started writing a weekly newsletter -determined to tell all the good, bad, and the ugly. I knew some readers would be interested in the construction process. I expected others might be interested in the lifestyle of two people who had decided to live outside the box. For others, the adventures of Lita, the parrot and the cat took on an entertainment saga all its own.

Residencias Los Jardines is finished. We periodically have re-sales and rental availability. Some readers may be interested in this information.

Brian Timmons
Developer / Property manager
Residencias Los Jardines


rentals & sales

Paradisus Condos / Rohrmoser
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Paradisus Condos - click to visit

Each of the units consists of two bedrooms / two bathrooms, and a large living/dining/kitchen area. The floor plan of each of these units has eliminated the optional "den / office" divider. The result is a larger area offering more flexible furniture arrangements while still maintaining the option of including an office area. At 105m2 plus two parking spots each and storage locker, they offer a great opportunity for someone seeking views, security, central location, and first class, all round living...

Semi furnished unit: For sale: $235,000
Fully furnished unit: For sale: $245,000
Floor 12 -west view

Distrito Cuatro / Guachipelín / Escazú
Price reduced: $ 125,000 to $ 99,000

about Distrito Cuatro

Rendering proposed
Distrito Cuatro - click to Download full PDF

Real de Santa María / Borreal de Heredia
$ 185,000
Private financing available

See location on Google Maps

Real de Santa María / Borreal de Heredia

Download more pictures (8.35 Mb)

Hyundai Santa Fe 2008
$13,500 $11,000

Hyundai Santa Fe 2008, Turbo Diesel, automatic, excellent family vehicle, safe, comfortable, interior with leather seats. Good tires, engine, turbo, suspension, and AC. Marchamo 2018 and Retive. It now has been road tested for 5 weeks and performed flawlessly. I can now sell with confidence...

  • 5-door / 5 passenger
  • Power steering, windows, mirrors, brakes and locks
  • A/C front and rear
  • Cruise control
  • audio/radio control
  • Air bags - driver / pass
  • Security system
  • Fog lamps
  • Tinted windows
  • Roof rack
  • CD player / radio USB/AUX
  • Hydraulic lift
  • Leather seats
Market activity
sales & rentals

Sales: Los Jardines: Units #114 and #124


Paradisus: Nothing available

Los Jardines:
Unit #106D Available immediately, $1,150 mo. (Until January 1)

Residencias Los Jardines
property management, rentals & re-sales

Unit #114: $ 199,000 / See Unit
Unit #124: $ 135,000 / See Unit

Unit #106D: $ 1,150 mo. / Until Jan. 1 / See Unit

For sale

UNIT #114
$ 199,000

Total Area (Sq Ft): 1290
Total area (Sq M): 120
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Floor(s): 1
Type: Semi-Attached
Furnished: Yes

This 2 bedroom/2bathroom,1,290 sf single floor end unit home includes a 150 sf front terrace plus parking for one car. This house is fully air conditioned and has recently been professionally decorated by international decorator Alcides Graffe and has undergone a complete renovation—new modern furniture, finishings, window coverings, and art work by Carlos Gambino. It is arguably the nicest furnished unit at Residencias Los Jardines and only steps from the pool

UNIT #124
$ 135,000

Total Area (Sq Ft): 662
Total area (Sq M): 61
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Floor(s): 2nd Floor
Type: Semi-Detached
Furnished: Yes

This 662 sf, + covered parking for one car, is a one bedroom home on the 2nd floor overlooking the large pool. It is ideal for a single person or couple.

For rent

UNIT #106D
$ 1,150 mo.
Until Jan. 1

Total Area (Sq Ft): 1227 sf . + parking
Total area (Sq M): 113 + parking
Bedrooms: 1 + den (bedroom possible)
Bathrooms: 2
Floor(s): 2nd. floor
Type: apartment in 4 plex
Furnished: Yes

This 2nd story, 1,227 sf (113 m2 + one parking space) )is a georgous home with one of the best views at Los Jardines. The very large front covered terrace faces west and is suitable for entertaining; the off-bedroom covered terrace faces east for sun sets. This very tastefully furnished and fully equipped home offers a lifestyle envied by many. The owner offers financing if desired.

Our Lives

Weather: Normal rainy season weather again... wonderful...

What Happened This Week:

Scotia bank: Another week where I had no problems -friends did however... seems that $2,500 was "lost" in the integration of CITI accounts into Scotiabank accounts. Will they acknowledge / find it? They actually allowed me to accept a wire transfer into an account after I showed them the reason for it. Nice of them.


Santa Fe: No calls

Distritcuatro: ​A number of inquiries but when they find out that it needs work, there is no follow up. In Toronto, there is an entrepreneurial mindset where people with limited budgets and energy have a desire to do the work to create a home in their own vision... Not so here. I am finding that people with limited budgets also have limited interest in working to create a livable home. Different culture / different mindset. Having said this, I do have a second showing this afternoon to a young girl who is bringing a contractor... I've been here before... we'll see.

Rentals: ​It was really tough renting three units this past go round... limited clients, unqualified clients, slow to commit clients (the Chinese clients took 1 1/2 mo. from viewing to payment), slow to sign and pay, and then I had one from mainland China which had difficulties paying to the corporate account I wanted... so we had to select a personal account...​ The inscription of the tenants for the last two units took about 10 days.

Heredia House: Looking good / looking lonely. The one viewing liked the house and the price and the financing but decided they wanted to live on the south side of the valley... Escazu...

Residencias Los Jardines: ​Maintenance plugs along. Preparations are being made for a long overdue general shareholders meeting. Lots of things to cover. I will participate as a shareholder with history -for what it is worth- and a point-of-view for the future. I am tired of the development "drifting" and hope the current administration is able to continue in the direction it has shown over the past 7 months. I am happy with that and will advocate for those things which will sustain this. I suspect there will be opposition... we have seen short sight and self interested decision making in the past...

A Busy Night: As usual, I couldn't sleep and on Wednesday I was up reading at 2 A.M. Over the next hour, a series of email were exchanged with the Chinese clients in which I provided them with more information so they could send to China to pay... in the end all of this was of no use when the company said they could not pay to a corporate account... but during this hour, I also had several email exchanges with the property manager of Los Jardines who was doing her admin work AND several exchanges with a one time interested house purchaser from Belgium -he ended up buying in Spain and is happy but we still correspond... he being now a "retired" monetary economist corrects me / comments on my economic comments... well this time, he is recovering from a serious heart operation... but expect to continue to enjoy Spain. All this between 2 and 3 am... Busy night...

Governments: I really hate the stupidity of governments! I am now required to travel 3,000 miles and spend $2,000 to deliver documents I already was required to provide and did provide twice before.

Wine Club: I am a member of the wine club which meets at some restaurant on the last Sunday of each month. This month is my turn to host. After three attempts of find a restaurant interested in hosting, I found one... We will only pay $15. per person for a starter, main course, and desert. We have to find a restaurant which isn't too busy and which has decent food, can accommodate 30-35 people, and parking, and which is willing to accommodate us on a fixed menu from 1-4 in the afternoon. It isn't as easy as it seems... but I found one, with a good menu in a nice setting... now I have to wait for members to sign up.

News Items of the Week


1 & 2. Nicaragua is still having their problems. Yesterday there was suppose to be a national strike. I don't know what happened. Supposedly one count of the dead is 300 with a number of others unaccounted for. Little seems to be in the English press.

3. An example of news that doesn’t get widely reported. It is alleged that government sponsored “goon” squads are primarily responsible for violent attacks on otherwise peaceful demonstrations and activists and a number of victims have been summarily executed.

4. CR Government and Fiscal reform: Opposition grows. The taxi drivers and the government continue to talk. Life goes on.

1. Costa Rica will close diplomatic representations in Nicaragua this Friday

All diplomatic representations of Costa Rica in Nicaragua will close next Friday in virtue of a national strike called by different sectors in response to the socio-political crisis in that country.

The Embassy of Costa Rica in Managua confirmed they’ll join the initiative as a security measure for users. Those who have appointments scheduled for that day will be received on Monday and Tuesday of next week.

In order to increase pressure against the government of Daniel Ortega, the so-called Civic Alliance for Democracy and Justice called for a national strike for this Friday. It is the second strike convened in the middle of the crisis, after the one held on June 14th with a great reception of employees and workers.

The upsurge in violence claimed at least 14 lives last weekend. The situation put the dialogue to solve the crisis on the brink of rupture, after more than 300 dead in almost three months of protests.

Heavy clashes between riot and paramilitaries against opposition protesters occurred on Sunday in the cities of Jinotepe and Diriamba (southwestern), a day after Ortega ruled out having early elections.

The Catholic Church, which mediates between the government and the opposition Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy, proposed having early elections from 2021 to March 2019 in order to get out of the turbulence that surrounds the country since the protests broke out on April 18th. However, Ortega rejected this possibility.

The national strike implies the temporary cessation of activities of all kinds, including commercial activity.

2. The US Department of State Updated its Travel Advisory for Nicaragua


Reconsider travel to Nicaragua due to crime, civil unrest, and limited healthcare availability.

On July 6, 2018, the U.S. government ordered the departure of non-emergency U.S. government personnel. The U.S. Embassy remains open to provide emergency services for U.S. citizens.

Heavily armed, government-controlled parapolice forces in civilian clothing, sometimes numbering in the hundreds, operate in large parts of the country, including Managua. They are often in vehicles that don’t have license plates, and they may be escorted by uniformed police forces. These groups are attacking blockades, kidnapping and detaining individuals, taking over privately owned land, and committing other crimes.

Rallies and demonstrations are widespread and occur daily with little notice. Government-controlled forces have attacked peaceful demonstrators leading to significant numbers of deaths and injuries. Looting, vandalism, and acts of arson often occur during unrest, including in tourist areas. Government authorities detain protesters, and some people have disappeared. Human rights groups have documented credible claims of torture of detainees.

Road blocks, including in Managua and other major cities, may limit availability of food and fuel. Road blocks may also limit access to the Augusto C. Sandino International airport in Managua. Criminals are in charge of some of the road blocks.

Hospitals around the country are inundated with victims of violence and lack the capacity to respond to other emergencies. Other hospitals have denied treatment to people wounded in protests.

Violent crime, such as sexual assault and armed robbery, is common and has increased as security forces focus on the civil unrest. Police presence and emergency response are extremely limited.

The U.S. Embassy in Managua is limited in the assistance it can provide. U.S. government personnel in Nicaragua must remain in their homes and avoid unnecessary travel between sundown and sunrise. In Managua, they must avoid Rotonda Metrocentro, Rotonda Universitaria, and the vicinity of universities, particularly UNAN.

U.S. government personnel are prohibited from using public buses and mototaxis and from entering the Oriental Market in Managua and gentlemen’s clubs throughout the country due to crime.

Additional restrictions on movements by U.S. government personnel may be put in place at any time, depending on local circumstances and security conditions, which can change suddenly.

Read the Safety and Security section on the country information page.

If you decide to travel to Nicaragua:

  • Consider arrangements to depart the country. There are no plans for a U.S. government-assisted evacuation.
  • Avoid demonstrations. Foreigners, including U.S.-Nicaraguan dual nationals, may risk arrest or expulsion if they participate in protests.
  • Restrict unnecessary travel.
  • Do not attempt to drive through crowds, barricades, or road blocks.
  • Maintain adequate supplies of food, cash, potable water, and fuel if sheltering in place.
  • Ensure your U.S. passport is valid and available for a quick departure from the country, if needed.
  • Use caution when walking or driving at night.
  • Keep a low profile.
  • Do not display signs of wealth such as expensive watches or jewelry.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Visit our website for Travel to High-Risk Areas.
  • Enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program(STEP) to receive Alerts and make it easier to locate you in an emergency.
  • Follow the Department of State on Facebookand Twitter.
  • Review the Crime and Safety Reportfor Nicaragua.
  • U.S. citizens who travel abroad should always have a contingency plan for emergency situations. Review the Traveler’s Checklist.


U.S. Embassy Managua, Nicaragua
(+505)-2252-7100 (emergencies only)

State Department – Consular Affairs
888-407-4747 or 202-501-4444

3. Costa Rican Man Reported Dead as a Result of Violence in Nicaragua

A Costa Rican man of name Vicente Rappaccioli Navas who also held Nicaraguan nationality was confirmed dead by his family.

The 60-year-old man had been reported missing since June 26 and was last seen as he was leaving his house in Diriamba, Carazo 60 km south of Managua, on his way to the city of San Marcos and aboard his Mitsubishi Montero truck.

Family members posted his photo and information on social media in hopes of finding him.

Doctors from the Forensic Medicine Institute recognized the man and called the family to inform them that an unidentified body which fit Rappacioli’s description was at the morgue. Family members identified the body on June 30.

The man had received a gunshot to his head.

His Family describes him as a pacific man and an “environmental activist” who was not actively involved in any movement against the government and traveled unarmed.

The reasons behind his execution are unknown.

Vicente Rappaccioli received the Costa Rican citizenship in 1983.

A new report released June 26th by the non-governmental organization, Nicaraguan Pro Human Rights Association (ANPDH in Spanish), confirms that the total number of victims that the conflict in this country has left since April 18 is 285, while 2500 have been injured, 156 are missing and 42 are permanently disabled; the report also details that among those who lost their live are 20 minors, 1 journalist and 20 police agents.

4. Costa Rica: Deputies That Stand Against Fiscal Plan Presented Over 1000 Motions Objecting It

The Fiscal Plan presented by the Executive Branch, is awaiting the approval of the Legislative Assembly, however, the deputies that oppose it already presented over 1000 motions to block the project.

Deputy Dragus Dalanescu, part of the National Restauration Party (PRN) presented a total of 500 motions against the Project Law to Strengthen Public Finances which proposes, among other measures, going from the current 13% sales tax to a 13% value added tax (VAT) for most services.

The 14 deputies of the National Restauration Party have made it clear they will not support any type of taxation to products of the market basket, health services, education services, medications or rent, their argument is that they are “defending the most vulnerable sectors”.

The fiscal plan bill proposes that private health and education are taxed at a 4% rate, while the purchase of articles for packaging and raw materials, as well as services used for the production of agricultural products, aquaculture and fishing, among others which would be charged only a 2%.

One of the motions presented by PRN deputies, intends to eliminate the VAT Tax on the rent paid by religious organizations, “the payments made by any religious organization, of any creed, corresponding to the rents of establishments or spaces in which the religious activities take place, will be exempt”.

Currently the text of the project law establishes that, when it comes to rent payments by religious organizations, only amounts equivalent or lower than two base salaries (approx. $1,526) will be exempt of pay.

Congressman, Eduardo Newton who is a lawyer and preacher, defended this position stating that “churches do not carry out lucrative activities, but spiritual ones”.

The fiscal plan project expects to reduce the fiscal deficit in close to 2 points of the GNP which is currently at over 6%.

Implementing the VAT means that services that currently don’t pay taxes will now have to pay it, that is the case for instance of gyms and services offered by independent professionals, online services such as Netflix and purchases made online.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), has highlighted the importance that the Costa Rican government takes the necessary actions now before reaching a point of economic crisis.


Brian C. Timmons
Property Manager RLJ and Newsletter Author

Costa Rica:
Cell: (+506) 8-455-59-35
Land line: (+506) 2282-4142 Ext. 101

VOIP: (+416) 461-2203


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