A Quiet Week

ISSUE #203: Aug 25-30, 2008


A Quiet Week


When I started Residencias Los Jardines, I started writing a weekly news letter —determined to tell all the good, bad, and the ugly. I knew some readers would be interested in the construction process. I expected others might be interested in the lifestyle of two people who had decided to live outside the box. For others, the adventures of lita, the parrot and the cat took on an entertainment saga all its own.

Residencias Los Jardines is finished. We periodically have resales and rental availability. Some readers may be interested in this information.

More and more, the content will be dominated by events of our new project, "El Dorado" for short. While the future is always uncertain, I again aim to tell it like it happens —the good, the bad, and the ugly, and that is what follows.

In an effort to make the format more interesting and visually appealing and to field inquiries re. El Dorado, the news letter is now being distributed by Jan Kozak, Marketing Manager, Hacienda El Dorado. I will remain the author.


Sales: None this week. We have a group of investors looking at us (and others) over next week. We'll see.


Permit Applications: The archaeological study is done. While there was some evidence through broken pottery of earlier inhabitants, it wasn't deemed significant. The geological study was also done. which is leading to a further, in depth study, of one area. The results of this study will provide some engineering criteria for building design. The electrical resistivity study was also conducted to determine the extent to which further drilling of the well would yield more water;  the granite shield is approximately 150 feet thick and there will be no more water below than there is above--which is adequate. The specs and prices for the black water treatment plant are beginning to develop. 


Website Upgrade / Marketing: Photos of Residencias Los Jardines, the Santa Ana area and some of the houses are available on line at:

I noticed that some of the pictures popping up on the opening page are very dated;  this will be changed.

Drainage System: This is now operational but it's capacity and sufficiency hasn't been tested due to lack of heavy rainfall. 

Kirebe: The "denucia" (lawsuit) was filed. No results at this point in time. We'll see.

Texas Hold-em:  it's back! --  the organizer has returned. The winners continue to rotate so there is always hope amongst the players. Even for those who don't win that night, it is deemed a cheap evening's entertainment where the bar bill is equal to the losers' losses. 

Units for Sale/Lease:

Unit #107 - For Sale

Total Area (Sq Ft): 1716
Total area (Sq M): 158
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2.5
Floor(s): 2 Story
Type: Detached
Furnished: Yes
This 1,716 sf. (plus parking for one car) two story, detached house, with three terraces, two bedrooms (one on each floor) and upstairs master suite is a beautiful home. This home consists of two VERY large bedrooms (one on each floor) with en-suite bathrooms and a powder room, each with large closets with extensive built-ins for personal organization. The vaulted living room and ground floor bedroom ceilings as well as the master bedroom on the 2nd floor, provide a feeling of grandeur while allowing the warmer air to rise and exit through the ceiling ventilating system. There are three TVs (one in each bedroom and one in the living room.) This is a beautiful home. There is a rough-in for a dishwasher in the kitchen area.

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August 30, 2008
Nicaraguan Passes Himself Off for 35 Years as Costa Rican to Collect Pension
(Inside Costa Rica) It wasn't that Carlos Pavón Ruiz, who lived in Costa Rica for 35 years under a false identity, was ashamed of being a Nicaraguan, he assumed the identity of Miguel Reyes Abarca, a Costa Rican who had been taken from Costa Rica to Nicaragua as a child and never came back, to collect social security.

August 28, 2008
Costa Rica's ‘El Camino' Wins Top Latin American Film Award in Chile
(The Tico Times) “El Camino” (The Road), a film by Costa Rican writer, director and producer Ishtar Yasin, has won the award for Best Latin American Film at the SANFIC festival in Santiago, Chile, adding another trophy to Yasin's now cluttered mantelpiece.

August 27, 2008
Costa Rica Trade Deficit Doubles
(The Tico Times) Costa Rican exports slowed through July, lifting the trade deficit to $3.3 billion – nearly twice the trade deficit during the same period last year.

August 27, 2008
Costa Rica Catches Russian Wanted on Fraud Charges
(The Tico Times) A specialized unit of the National Police in Costa Rica arrested a Russian fugitive wanted since 1997.

August 25, 2008
Space Booster? Costa Rican Coffee Could Be Outta This World
(The Tico Times) Astronauts and space tourists may soon enjoy Costa Rican-style coffee while in orbit thanks to a recent invention that works without gravity and uses natural convection to heat water.

August 25, 2008
Clock Ticks on Free Trade Pact with U.S.
(The Tico Times) As Costa Rican lawmakers return today from a weeklong vacation, time grows tight to pass two laws required to implement the Central American Free-Trade Agreement with the United States (CAFTA).

August 25, 2008
International Roaming Available for Costa Rica Phones
(The Tico Times) For many cell-phone users in Costa Rica, there's good news: your phone just got a passport.


Weather:  Light rain, some overcast, some sunshine. 

Lots of good home cooking using locally grown products. 

This has been the quietest, non-problematic week for the past several months. Let's hope it continues that way.

Banks: I've heard from two separate sources that at least several banks--Banco Nacional and Scotiabank--are virtually out of lending money. We are glad we have not formalized any agreement with them to provide financing for our purchasers. This puts us into an advantageous position as compared to other developments in the country. The void is being filled by American sources, European and East European, and Venezuelan lenders. The latter two are now in the game because they are nervous of Russia and Putin's recent actions and want to move their money to a safer haven.

Time Out Tavern: Continues to delight. The Tex-Mex Restaurant which held promise after being sold is a disappointment and indications are that the new owners are fighting and not providing the leadership needed. Too bad because it has potential.

The three story office building at the corner of our street is taking ugly shape. It is a fish out of water and I don't think it will be an asset to the area. Parking is limited and the building is totally out of character for the area.

Various Developments: Quepos and area: In speaking with a would-be developer from Quepos, he says construction and sales activity there is virtually dead. The St. Regis project is dead--this is not a surprise--not only was it really ugly (my opinion), it was way, way over priced. I was told that a 25 story Ramada Hotel was slated for the current Best Western hotel site in Jaco and that a Marriott and a Holiday Inn are slated for Avenida Escazu (a large property adjacent to the CIMA hospital). A sign announcing the future location of a Hilton Hotel continues to have a sign on a nearby property but no development  has started. Several other construction sites have started in the Pozos area but it is too early to tell what they will bring.

Brian, Lita, Hugo, irreverent Vicka, the pigeon toed parrot, and the newbies — Chico and Chica.

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