In the early 1990's a Canadian couple followed their dream and purchased an onion field. They set to work planting palms and other plants, building a swimming pool, and some small, simple houses which were to be rented.

After three years of renting at he property, hours and hours of introspection and analysis of what was important to him and to others at his stage in Life, he was offered the property in December 2001. His research of other developments in Costa Rica convinced him that many of the features valued by North Americans / Europeans were largely missing from other developments in CR. If he wanted it, he would have to build it. Focus group discussions in Canada, countless additional informal discussions, were followed by interviews of over 35 architects during a 6 month period. Numerous site plan iterations, and countless design refinements later, Residencias Los Jardines was created.

Phase 1

Beginning in April 2002, the mechanical services and telecommunications systems were upgraded. This was followed by the renovation and in some cases the enlargement of the original houses. Not that there had been any problems but a perimeter security fence was installed.

The original swimming pool and lounge area was completely remade by tiling the pool, adding a water falls, extending the lounging area around the pool, adding 5 palm thatched ranchos (palapas), night lighting, and landscaping.

Phase 2

On November 15, 2003, ground was broken for the development of 5 new houses. In addition, a second swimming pool with another three palm thatched ranchos (palapas) were added, another thousand plus plants added including the creation of an orchid and bromide garden, an property management and telecommunications center as well as additional telecommunications and electrical / mechanical infrastructure were added. This work was completed in May, 2004.

Following the completion of Phase 2, the lease-up of the new units followed. In addition, all legal documentation for the subsequent sale of the units was completed, title insurance secured, a web site was created, and the beginnings of additional marketing material was created (brochures and a DVD).

Phase 3

The final phase of construction began November 2004. An additional 14 houses were built and the existing 8 houses were torn down and rebuilt. The front entrance was built, the municipal roadway and internal roadways paved, and support facilities and buildings were added. State of the art telecommunications systems were installed —VOIP capability, DISH TV network, Cable TV, hardwired as well as wireless high speed internet. The property management company began managing the property in May 2006; the final construction is expected to be completed by the end of July 2006.

House Sales: Most of the houses were sold during this phase. As of June 1, only four houses remain —two that have long term leases; two which are available for sale and ready for occupancy.

Rental vacancies occur periodically.

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