Residencias Los Jardines (Garden Residences) represents a unique opportunity for people looking for what was previously missing in Costa Rica. Los Jardines is designed for those who have lived and who are currently living busy lives with demanding responsibilities and schedules. Here the emphasis is on nature, tranquility, and the soothing sounds of running water. Recreational and exercise facilities, social and entertainment areas are part of this quiet, secure gated community of diversified people and cultures.

English is the working language but Spanish is also spoken.

Developed by North Americans, the floor plans and room sizes facilitate North American and European life styles. North American construction and finishing standards, state of the art telecommunications systems, and a moderate price, differentiate Residencias Los Jardines from all other places in the Central Valley, and perhaps in Costa Rica.

The Developers

Brian Timmons (American / Canadian, born 1946, married, grown child), reached a stage in his life where the quality of life was more important than the quantity of “things”.

It was simply no longer “fun” developing just another condo or doing another warehouse conversion to a “loft”. There had to be more satisfying and rewarding work and a nicer place in which to do it. He reoriented his life and brought his 35 years of construction, development and property management expertise to Costa Rica. He plans for this to be his winter home along with his wife, cat and parrot.

Paul Leduc (Canadian, born 1947, married, 5 grown children), built large commercial developments -malls, office buildings, warehouses- for years and years. For the last 10 years, he renovated over 70 buildings in the Entertainment District of Toronto, salvaging them from the wrecking ball and reinventing them as modern work spaces for the "new" economy.

In September of 2004 he joined Los Jardines and has become a vital element of the development. His years of experience and building savvy as well as his fluency in Spanish have allowed him to make significant contributions to Los Jardines.

With the two developers, there is a safety net for investors and residents should anything happen to one.

The Property Manager

The developers have assumed the role of property managers; we believe in our product and as builders, we know it. We have years of experience in Canada and know the standards expected. Our business systems are nearing completion (June 1, 2006).

The Architect

Elias Robles, a young, bilingual, Costa Rican trained architect, with creative ideas, computer literacy, who understood what 34 previous architects failed to understand regarding what qualities it would take to do this development, worked long and hard to translate and refine the design and to use different building methods and materials.

The Site Superintendent

Sylias Elizondo, the site superintendent is a mid thirties Costa Rican schooled in his trade. He comes from a family of 8 brothers all of whom are site superintendents. He has a standard of high quality construction, a willingness to learn what the client wants and how he wants it done, knows his trades and sources of supply, works well with his people, and plans his work. As such, he performs a very important role.

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