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ISSUE #855: April 11-17, 2021


Brian Timmons, Newsletter Author
Brian Timmons

Dear friends,

When I started Residencias Los Jardines, I started writing a weekly newsletter -determined to tell all the good, bad, and the ugly. I knew some readers would be interested in the construction process. I expected others might be interested in the lifestyle of two people who had decided to live outside the box. For others, the adventures of Lita, the parrot and the cat took on an entertainment saga all its own.

Residencias Los Jardines is finished. We periodically have re-sales and rental availability. Some readers may be interested in this information.

Brian Timmons
Developer / Property manager
Residencias Los Jardines

Web: https://residenciaslosjardines.com
Emails: info@residenciaslosjardines.com

Market activity
sales & rentals

Sales: Los Jardines: Units #116 and #124

Los Jardines: Unit #106C $950 mo. / Unit #112 $1,150 mo. / Unit #126 $625 mo.
Paradisus: Unit #14-3 for rent $1,350 mo.

Residencias Los Jardines
property management, rentals & re-sales

Unit #116: $ 195,000 $ 189,995 / See Unit
Unit #124: $ 115,000 $ 99,950 PRICE REDUCTION / See Unit

Unit #106C: $950 mo. / Available immediately / See Unit
Unit #112: $1,150 mo. / Available immediately / See Unit
Unit #126: $625 mo. / Available immediately / See Unit

For sale

UNIT #116
$ 195,000 $ 189,995

Total Area (Sq Ft): 1290
Total area (Sq M): 120
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Floor(s): 1
Type: Semi-Attached
Furnished: Yes

This 1,290 sf single floor home includes a 300 sf front terrace plus parking for one car and a separate, secure storage locker. It is and end unit and therefore attached on only one side by a 6 inch cement demising (common) wall, which prevents sound transfer.

UNIT #124
$115,000 $ 99,950 PRICE REDUCTION

Total Area (Sq Ft): 662
Total area (Sq M): 61
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Floor(s): 2nd Floor
Type: Semi-Detached
Furnished: Yes

This 662 sf, + covered parking for one car, is a one bedroom home on the 2nd floor overlooking the large pool. It is ideal for a single person or couple.

For rent

UNIT #106C
$950 mo.
Available immediately

Total Area (Sq Ft): 1250
Total area (Sq M): 120
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Floor(s): 1 Story
Type: 4-plex
Furnished: Yes

This is a fully furnished 2-bedroom unit situated in a 2-story building, which has two units on the ground floor and two units on the 2nd. floor. Each unit is the same size (1,250sf) divided into 800 sf of interior space and 450 sf of covered front and back terraces. Units 106A and B are on the ground floor; Units 106 C and D are on the 2nd. Floor. The solid masonry demising wall (common wall) as well as the 5” concrete slab prevent sound transference.

UNIT #112
$1,150 mo.
Available immediately

Total Area (Sq Ft): 1290
Total area (Sq M): 120
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Floor(s): 1 Story
Type: Attached
Furnished: Yes

This 1,290 sf single floor home includes a 300 sf front terrace plus parking for one car. It is attached on two sides by a 6 inch cement demising (common) wall, which prevents sound transfer.

UNIT #126
$625 mo.
Available immediately

Total Area (Sq Ft): 530
Total area (Sq M): 50
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Floor(s): 1
Type: Detached
Furnished: Yes

A small one bedroom with outside covered terrace with top of the line finishes (granite, stainless steel appliances, fine crafted wood cabinetry, +, +, +), with lots of well thought out storage...

Our Lives

What Happened This Week

Weather: Rain every day... the season is here... a month earlier than to the CR weather bureau said it would be... weather men and stock analysis are the two jobs you can be wrong at and still keep your job ...and, along with this we have to change our operations... and as usual, we found that several pumps no longer work, some drains are clogged, some gutters need cleaning, and irrigations systems need to be mothballed.


1. COVID Shot: For a third world country which often times makes the simple inordinately complex, CR has really done a great job on this vaccination program. It is a wonder why N Am. and Europe are having such difficulties. A Spanish speaking owner/friend offered to help us... I needed this help. He had gone through the process. He took me to the local EBIS (CAJA clinic--state medical system). We got our number, and waited until someone told us that old farts can go to a special line. On Monday, I registered Lita and I... registration consisted of presenting our ID cards, confirming address and contact. We were told we would be called in 15 days. On Tuesday, We were scheduled for an appointment for Thursday at 10:30. We went, presented our IDs, our name was on the list, we waited 5 min., got jabbed, sat for the recommended 10 min. and left... wow!!!!! no side effects... carried on as normal. We go back May 6 for our second Pfizer shot.

2. Generator: Update 2: Waiting for two additional replacement parts -they seemed to work but were badly rusted and I did not trust them to continue... Plugs were changed so we now have compatible connections. Now we have to find the pathway to the gates... one we know but the pathway to the second gate is still unknown.

3. Friends are Leaving: Active social friends are returning to the US for health reasons. They have contemplated this move for years but have toggled on it for as long for various reasons, one being the sale of their condo and the other being where to relocate. Health forced the decision. After medical assessment, review of their age, future uncertainties, they pulled the trigger, bought a house and car, are currently packing their belongings for shipment, and leaving their house here until it sells... which is not likely to be soon... Over the past year, our social circle has dwindled from 12-15 to 4-6... big changes... I will be left with Power of Attorney to deal with various things... I am accumulating a lot of these...

4. Vacancies: A couple calls / couple of showings / no response...

5. Foreclosures / suits: Nothing on the foreclosure... it has been 18 mo. since I initiated action, 14 months since I supposedly gained possession but as of now, I have not been assigned title / rights... The INS suite continues, or at least I continue getting lawyer's invoices... it is now about 6 years and no end in sight. The lead person assigned has resigned and moved to Texas... someone else is picking up the case...

News Items of the Week


1. Driving restrictions: CR has re-instituted driving restrictions on the weekend. Canada (Ontario) has doubled down on its restrictions...

2. Rainy Season: Yes, it has started early and with heavy rains... and we already have danger alerts.

1. Why Costa Rica is re-applying driving restrictions

Costa Rica will restart its weekend daytime driving restrictions beginning this Saturday.

The Presidency issued the following statement explaining why it believes the measure is necessary:****

Given the accelerated increase in Covid-19 cases, the high rate of reproduction of the virus, the limited hospital capacity and the circulation of new variants of the virus, this Thursday authorities announced the new application of the sanitary vehicle restriction by plates at the end of week, starting this Saturday, April 17 and Sunday, April 18.

In a month, infections and the number of hospitalized people doubled, while the number of deceased people has also increased, an upward trend that is evidenced in this week’s data and that this growth is projected to continue. Today there were more than 1,100 new positives for COVID-19 and 498 hospitalized people.

Daniel Salas, Minister of Health, explained the need to take measures in the current epidemiological context.

“We note with great concern the sustained increase in cases every day, in addition to the growth in deaths. This leads us to take an immediate measure that is the restriction on weekends due to plates, it is a measure that has statistically shown to have a strength and an important impact on mobilization and infections.”

Hospital capacity

By resuming many of the usual activities, the need for medical attention due to traffic accidents, conflicts, injuries and other illnesses, forces the use of beds that were previously intended only for COVID patients. In recent days, ICU occupancy has reached up to 90%. Added to the above is an increase in the number of consultations for cough and fever symptoms throughout the country; this is an indicator of a greater circulation of respiratory viruses such as COVID-19.

Mario Ruiz, medical manager of the CCSS explained the increase in hospitalizations: “We are treating patients for other illnesses, traffic accidents, firearm injuries and surgeries; patients who may also require an intensive care unit. Hospital pressure is increasing every day, it increases between 10 and 20 patients due to COVID-19 every day.”

Currently the R rate (virus reproduction) is 1.41. This data means that 2 sick people will, on average, infect practically another 3. In a short time this growth could lead to a health and socioeconomic emergency of a level the country has not faced during this pandemic. These data collected and analyzed by scientists from different disciplines indicate that it is mandatory to take immediate measures to avoid hospital saturation and thus save lives.

Vehicle restriction on weekends: an indispensable measure

With the aim of slowing down the increase in infections without affecting the country’s commercial activity, as of this Saturday, April 17, the sanitary vehicle restriction by plates will be resumed. On Saturdays only the plates finished in even numbers will be able to circulate and on Sundays only the plates finished in odd numbers will circulate.

Studies from the University of Costa Rica (UCR) and the State of the Nation Program, as well as international research from the United Kingdom, China, the United States and Italy have shown that reducing mobility is the best measure to reduce the circulation of virus.

According to a study developed by experts from the UCR, restriction on weekends combined with an adequate application of protocols has great potential to reduce infections. In addition, scientists have pointed to evidence of a relationship between the increase in cases and the elimination of vehicle restriction on weekends.

On the other hand, as announced earlier this week, control operations both in the streets and in commercial establishments will intensify. “We will increase the number of sanitary vehicle restriction operations by license plates, in addition the Public Force and other police will be controlling the gauges so that they adhere to the current regulations,” announced Eduardo Solano, Deputy Minister of Public Security.

At the same time, the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) will continue its vaccination strategy for the first two vulnerable groups. As of Monday’s cutoff, 586,799 doses had been applied with an increase in vaccination each week.

The health, safety and emergency teams will keep up their hard work to take care of everyone’s life. The authorities made a new call to the population to respect sanitary regulations, in addition to always maintaining distance, washing hands and the use of a mask.

Minister Salas called on the entire population to voluntarily reduce their mobility and not expose themselves unnecessarily. “We ask that all the mobilizations that are not extremely necessary try to reduce them. Plan well what trips you are going to do and how you are going to do them because any mobility that can be avoided helps save lives.”

Information through official means

The sanitary vehicle restriction by plates on weekends and the control operations are the two measures proposed to contain the spread of the virus. There is no measure of closure of activities and the restriction schedule is not changed on any day. Any other information is false. Therefore, the authorities called for information through official sources such as the site presidencia.go.cr/alertas.

Due to the notable increase in the number of cases, the Ministry of Health resumed the daily publication of data on its website www.ministeriodesalud.go.cr. The publication will be from Monday to Friday before 7:00 p.m.1.

2. Costa Rica issues Yellow Alerts due to heavy rainfall

The National Emergency Commission (CNE) on Thursday established Yellow Alerts due to weather that is impacting much of Costa Rica.

The CNE’s alert is “due to the probability that the rains will continue as indicated by the National Meteorological Institute, as well as the downpours that have occurred in the national territory, generating floods and landslides, mainly in the Caribbean, Southern Zone and Cartago.”

The Limón canton of Guácimo has registered the greatest affectation related to the rainfall, with 29 incidents caused by floods, landslides and requests for land inspections.

The National Meteorological Institute (IMN) has indicated that humid and unstable atmospheric conditions will continue throughout Thursday, which will lead to the presence of cloud cover and rainfall in the national territory.

In the afternoon, the strongest rainy activity will be concentrated in regions of the Central and South Pacific, as well as in the Nicoya Peninsula, while in the Central Valley rainfall will occur occasionally.

The CNE recommends that people take appropriate precautions, particularly in areas vulnerable to flooding due to sewer saturation, near rivers and in sectors with a high propensity for landslides. Abide by any official instructions and call 9-1-1 in the event of an emergency.

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