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New Construction

Lease / purchase

Phase 3: The construction of the remaining 11 residences.

Scheduled to begin in November with completion expected by
January 31.

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Progress Report

October 9-15, 2005 // CONSTRUCTION LOG #53

Contact phone numbers

Internet Phone:
New York 315-279-6711 // Toronto 416-907-5758

Costa Rica:
Cell 506-305-3965 // Land 506-282-4142 Ext. 101

NOTE: our land line in CR has changed;
we are now integrated into the compound network.

Pictures: misc. of all areas under construction.

The story this week is MARKETING


RAIN!!!! We've had it in spades this week. We're getting an opportunity to fine tune our rainwater manage system - unfortunately it is still incomplete... We've had more rain this year than last but so has much of Central America and the Eastern U.S. seaboard. It has affected some of our construction.

114, 115, and 116: 115 is the only unit in this complex which is still unfinished. Next week should see that accomplished. Units 114 and 116 are occupied and only minor clean up items remain. I'm having problems with the color scheme of 115; I'm not decorator; I've surprised myself up to now but my real limitations are showing up on this one. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a local decorator who's tastes are N. Am. -royal blues, reds, an purples probably won't fly with my clientele.

Unit 106: Progressing nicely. All the grey work is done on the two lower units. They are both ready for drywall and the finishing white coat on the wall. The structural steel framing of the roof is finished on one of the units; next week will see the completion of the other side. Kitchen designs have been chosen by the purchasers. I'll soon begin working with the purchaser on selecting the finishing colors and tiles.

Units 121, 122, and 123: Rain has affected the progress on these units as well as a design issue on 122. Those issues are now resolved and I hope to get back on track -weather permitting..

Units 117-120: These units have been less affected by the rain as the roof is on. The grey work is now completed and the drywall boarding is about 50% completed. Progress from here on should be faster.

Units 101 and 102: No progress.

Electrical System Up grade: It's been messy due to the rain but the main busses and the meter bases are installed. The vault for the 167KV transformer is built and the transformer is on site. Next week should see the beginning of the end of this..

Marketing: This week saw a SIGNIFICANT increase in the level of interest and inquiries. I spent a significant portion of my time not only on website inquiries but also people in the country seriously looking. We now have three different parties interested in 123 as well as 113. I fully expect an offer on both units next week. On Friday I hosted a young couple from San Jose, California who are looking to make an investment. They were absolutely AMAZED and taken aback at the quality and level of detail and the price...

One of our focuses this week was to prepare a unit for a couple who were scheduled to arrive. This had been planed for several months. They are moving to Los Jardines from Tamarindo where they've lived for several years. They've followed this project for about 6 mo. or more. They contributed a nice bulk of used clothing which will be added to that contributed by 113, 108 and 107. We now have enough to proceed.

We also had some reconditioning to do on a unit purchased by another couple. This latter issue is nearing completion.

The brochures: I approved the final draft. They should be printed this time next week. We'll begin the distribution process immediately.

Date base names: I've authorized my web master in Argentina to begin doing what is necessary to make this happen. We should be ready to go in about 10 days. I'll be interested to see what happens. I'll be sharing this experience with several people-what goes around, comes around.

The closings of 107 and 108 are going as scheduled.

I'm currently working with two parties, both civilians stationed in Iraq. From the pictures they send and their descriptions, Costa Rica has to be a paradise of peace, tranquility, and lush tropical vegetation. I'm sure they have lots of stories to tell; I hope to hear them over a beer.

Comment: All of our mechanical and telecommunications systems are becoming reliable. This is a nice experience and I hope it remains so.

CableTica, the cable TV company didn't like the way we wired the TV access. They seemed to want us to buy their cable -I'm not sure what the outcome will be but so far we've said, "no" you want customers, you supply and install YOUR cable. We'll supply the leads to each house. We're waiting for their response...

Useful Websites on Costa Rica


I've been sick as a dog this week with a vicious cold-mean but quick. I got ride of it by giving it to Lita. I'm now the dog!!!!!. Last night Lita and the parrot had a nice sleep (maybe the parrot will get the cold and... he he he!; It was absolutely amazing to see the two of them snoozing-I could get jealous! Lita woke up to bird poop -I don't think this will happen again. Besides, I had Hugo... he goes outside to do his business . I like that and he's quiet about it as well.

All is well although the rain is getting to be a drag. We've got another month or so and then it's dry, dry, dry for 5 months.

The boat: too many players and too many coffee breaks. The purchaser is committed and so am I; it will happen. We just have to work through others.

Brian, Lita, Hugo and irreverent Vicka, the pigeon toed parrot.

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Contact us at any time to purchase a new house and still be able to select your finishings.

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