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New Construction

Lease / purchase

Phase 3: The construction of the remaining 11 residences.

Scheduled to begin in November with completion expected
by January 31.

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Progress Report

May 8-14 , 2005 // CONSTRUCTION LOG #31


Permit: The SENTENA representative did a site inspection of the property on Tuesday. She asked 4 dumb simple questions and then said she didn't see any problems on the file. When asked when we could expect to have their seal of approval, she said perhaps in another three weeks. I reminded her that the "law" says they have to turn around applications in 30 days. She acknowledged that, but said they were so over worked that they had unilateral rescinded that law. She went on to say that I could appeal it but that there would likely be some problems with the application... you get the picture here? Blackmail is not sublet here.

We asked if we could get a letter which states that there are no problems and that due to "over work" they are not able to meet the legislated deadlines. Hopefully, this will occur on Tuesday; IF we can get it, we will take it to the City and see if we can get official permission to return to work. I'm not hopeful but I'll give it a try.

Clean up work: We did some site work to accommodate the rain water runoff. We had the first of many tropical downpours and we saw where the water wanted to run and that with sidewalks and other "barriers" we had a few lakes. We've addressed that (hopefully) and are waiting for another "test" to see if we have fully addressed the issue.

Unit 108: The sand blasted windows and shower doors were installed, handrails on the staircase, and most all of the coral stone counters were installed. The office desk was also installed and the granite counter top will be installed on Monday. This unit is now "finished".

Unit 107: we'll return to working on it beginning Monday.

New Designs: The architect is working on the working drawings for all the new designs. Several purchasers have requested minor modifications on their 106 units; we can accommodate them at this point in time and they are minor so no problems.


Website: A number of the updates have been done. A few more are in progress and all should be finished by this week.

Sales: We "closed" on our first unit this week (No. 103). It feels nice to have some money coming in after three years of spending gobs. In this case, the purchaser figured that he could get a much better return on his money than in a CD. When Unit 116 is finished, he will move there as his home.

Several conversations from website and Construction Log origins continue. Ads in U.S. publications "OUTDOOR LIFE", "SUNSET" and "HARPER'S" should be hitting their readers in the next couple weeks and an ad in "4 SALE BY OWNER / DEVELOPER" hard copy and website is nearly out to their readership.


May partner and his companion arrived on site this week. We've been busy getting them settled, a household up and running, showing them around-grocery stores, banks, household items, how the hot water works, where the electrical outlets are, etc. We had dinner there last night and they are quickly learning their kitchen. It was wonderful to live in and enjoy the product of my effort with another builder who understands what it takes to bring it all together -and besides, the meal was delicious.

To introduce Paul and his partner (any excuse for a pool party), we are hosting a chicken wings and water melon party at 2 pm this afternoon. We've not found a place for "wings" here so we're making them ourselves. We'll have three different sauces.I'm sure others will contribute things-salads, cakes, etc. Hopefully, it won't rain.

Lita continues her fitness routine; progress is slow but there is progress. She wants another exercise machine on site (treadmill) and we'll probably get it along with an exercise bike that another resident wants to purchase and contribute to the compound. I hope they use them.

The parrot: I've successfully created a "perch" from the driftwood branches we collected when in Samara. I had the carpenters assemble them into two perches. We've strategically located them such that the little bugger can't get down and wonder. Try as he does, he can't do it!!! I've won (this battle).

Hugo was definitely a lonely camper when we returned from Nicaragua. He craved attention and affection. We were invited to one of the residents homes for dinner. Hugo followed us and invited himself. After dinner we saw him sitting on the window ledge; he was invited in and after doing the rounds, plunked himself on the sofa in the middle of the conversation and appeared very satisfied with himself.

The rainy season has arrived. We've had some cloudy and partly cloudy days; one heavy rain and a few drizzles.

Brian, Lita, Hugo, and Vicka, the pigeon toed parrot

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