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New Construction

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Phase 3: The construction of the remaining 11 residences.

Scheduled to begin in November with completion expected
by January 31.

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Progress Report

May 16-21 , 2005 // CONSTRUCTION LOG #32


Permit: We have a letter from SENTENA saying that our application is being processed. Monday, we expect to take this to the City and see what we can negotiate for continuance of construction. I'm not hopeful but ... we'll see.

We have also been told that we MAY need an additional study to determine whether the septic system will contaminate the ground water. This is not an unreasonable request and while we don't know if it WILL be required, we are proceeding to have that study done. It will look at the microbes present in the soil and the type of soil and the known aquifers, etc. It is suppose to take abut 12 days and $350.

What I have difficulty in understanding is how could the Min. of Health approve the design of a septic system without knowing this information??????? We had percolation tests done but not the other aspects of the study -we didn't know it would be required. In some aspects its ridiculous since I'm not aware of any city, San Jose included, which has a sewage treatment plan. The norm is to dump black water into the rivers.

Clean up work: The 53 items on the list have been whittled down to about 3 and we are working on those.

Garden: We have started the curbs on the interior roadways on the west side. Over the years, the garden has encroached on the roadway so we are taking the time to move back the encroachment and provide for a wider roadway. It will still be a one way roadway with pullouts for passing but it won't feel so confining. Eventually, we expect to cover the roadway surface with pavers. In addition we have begun the installation of roadway, pathway, and garden accent lighting. This will continue for several weeks. I had looked for several years to see what was available and at what prices. I was continually disappointed at the prices. When we went shopping for lights this time, I was able to recognize a great dea l-4,200 colones ($8.90). We bought all they had (12) and then on to another place where the representative was on site. Buying only the metal head and using PVC standards, I was able to reduce the price to around 9,000 colones each ($19,00). We got 30 for starters.

We've started building the bar-b-q counter in the large rancho. A sink and refrigerator will also be included. In this case, the bar-b-q will be able to be moved (it's on wheels) and the counter will be built to allow it to be wheeled closer to where it might be used. Whether it ever is or not, we'll see.

Being between professional gardeners, I'm taking the initiative to move some of the plants which are not in the right places (sun lovers in shade, wind sensitive to protected areas, overgrown areas to new garden spots). This being the rainy season, it is also the transplanting season.

Unit 108: The desk and granite counter tops are installed. We have had trouble with the coral stone provider. We had to withhold final payment until the final piece of countertop is installed. I had developed no confidence in him (30 days to install what he had committed to 15 days to do). I doubt that I'll be using him again unless I have a chat with the owner and only MAYBE then.

Unit 107: we've roughed-in the staircase and the subfloor on the 2nd. floor. Monday we will begin completing the roof and exterior wall framing.

Web Site updates: Units 106 A/B/C/D are uploaded onto the web. Those changes can be seen on by going to the web site and clicking on "Houses" and moving the cursor to 106. The previous changes to 103, 104, 105, 107 and 108 can be viewed in the same way. The new site plan is not yet uploaded nor are 121 / 122 / and 123. I'm advised that the remaining changes are likely to occur by Monday or Tuesday.


Much of our time has been spent getting Paul and his wife oriented and in setting up a household. That is mostly done now. He returns to Canada on Sunday. Paul and his wife got to meet the people on the property at the party last Sunday so she feels more comfortable now when he is away.

Lita continues her fitness routine; progress is slow but there is progress. Four of us played pool one night and had a great time.

We continue with almost daily rain showers, sometimes at night, sometimes during the day. Nothing of great significance. The plants love it.

Brian, Lita, Hugo, and Vicka, the pigeon toed parrot

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