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New Construction

Lease / purchase

Phase 3: The construction of the remaining 11 residences.

Scheduled to begin in November with completion expected
by January 31.

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Progress Report

Jun 5-11 , 2005 // CONSTRUCTION LOG #35

Contact phone numbers

Internet Phone:
New York 315-279-6711 // Toronto 416-907-5758

Costa Rica:
Cell 506-305-3965 // Land 506-282-0910
Pictures: Take a look at the picture called "lawn ornaments" and decide who is better looking-the maestro de obra or the Aztec statures?


Permit: No word since we submitted the last document two weeks ago. The review committee normally meets on Wednesday nights. (Fact) They did not meet on Wednesday this past week. (Fact) There was an important qualifying soccer game between CR and Guatemala. Don't know if there is any relationship or not.

Garden: We continued extending the garden lighting and planted some border plants along the newly installed internal roadway curbs. We also enlarged a parking area by several feet; it just makes maneuvering larger vehicles easier. We also had fun buying some pre-Columbia designed garden ornaments. These are statues which weigh in around 350lbs and stand about 4' high. We've nestled then into several garden areas. The vendors are pickup nomadic venders based out of a Caribbean Indian reserve. Each statue is costing about $150; we'll buy some more over time. In addition, I located some very gnarled wooden tree trunks laying derelict in a Tico's yard. I had the maestro de obra negotiate the appropriation of these. They too will be added to the garden and are likely to form the base for various orchids and bromeliads.

Unit 107: Construction continued. The sub roof and all the flashing is now installed. The Exterior densglass is mostly installed and most of it covered with the first base coat. Wood has been purchased for perlins to attach the roof tile-this work will begin next week. All the boarding on the ground floor will be completed and taped by the end of next week and the 2nd. floor should be substantially advanced. Most all the decisions re. This unit have been made-floor tiles, granite, kitchen and closet design, wall color, lighting, master bathroom design and finishing, etc. Now it is just building it out.

Decorative metal components: We purchased all the components needed to make the railings on 107 and the 10 new units. All the component parts are modular. You create the design from the 100s of off-the-shelf pieces they have and weld it together. On average, the total cost of materials is about $550.

Marketing: We just hosted a couple who are planning to move from their very isolated but beautiful home in Guancaste. He loves it but she doesn't like the weather (too hot, too humid, too violent of thunder storms) nor the isolation (10 kl to their nearest neighbor) and misses some of the cultural events that an urban area has to offer. They recognize that provisioning requires driving to Liberia or to San Jose which they do periodically. Medical care is also a concern of theirs. They have made their own provisions for assisted care living when they need it by having a Tico family. They want to provide for that situation when it arises so want a duplex unit. I'm working up a design for 102 -the unit which Lita and I live in along with a John, a lessor. This unit will be the last to be done; they are not in that big of a hurry even if they do decide to purchase. Now they enjoy their pets (two dogs), their jungle visitors, and their parrots which really has Lita excited and envious. I think we will be taking them up on an invitation...

Another couple will be staying with us for a few days while Lita and I are attending to things in Canada. They will be getting a better feel for the project. They currently live in Tamarindo and are looking to move to the Central Valley for a better quality of life.


Friday was a sad day: our resident professors and their two children return to South Dakota; their sabbatical was at and end and now it's time to analyze the data collected. We and others on the property really enjoyed their company -they were great fun, good conversationalists having a bright and lively zest for life, considerate and reciprocated dinner invitations, played a rousing game of pool volleyball, and they were too good at pool. They loved Manhattan cocktails (we had too many, too many times). They have tried to convince me that South Dakota is an interesting state; they have succeeded only in me questioning my ill informed and preconceived assessment. I remain open to be convinced but not yet convinced.

Weather: it's rained nearly every day; sometimes very hard. We've had several short days and several other not very productive days. I'm glad we have only a little civil work going and no heavy equipment.

Tom (of Tom and Susan) made a FANTASTIC toy/perch/exerciser for Vicka, the pigeon toed, mean, ungrateful, squawky parrot. Much better than she deserves. He should enter it into some type of contest for creative pet toys for mean creatures. She's even got her own sun shade-which she will probably destroy in about a day -her own flower and eating tray and more ways to get up and down than she can figure out. I'm including a picture of this.

We are returning to Canada for a couple weeks to settle up some things. We aren't really looking forward to it but it is necessary. Well be glad to return here. We'll leave Hugo here; he'll be lonely but won't be stressed out traveling like Lita and I.

Brian, Lita, Hugo, and Vicka, the pigeon-toed parrot

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