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New Construction

Lease / purchase

Phase 3: The construction of the remaining 11 residences.

Scheduled to begin in November with completion expected
by January 31.

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Progress Report

June 26-July 2 , 2005 // CONSTRUCTION LOG #38

Contact phone numbers

Internet Phone:
New York 315-279-6711 // Toronto 416-907-5758

Costa Rica:
Cell 506-305-3965 // Land 506-282-0910
This is a very abbreviated report; I'm still in Canada. I'll be returning Thursday next.

Pictures: 5 of Unit 107


Permit: We now have the renewed letters we had before stating that we have City water available (not that we are relying on it), that we have installed the rainwater culvert and have devised a method of diverting our roof water into it, etc. On Friday, I will sign the document saying that I won't break any environmental laws and won't commit the 7 deadly sins against the environment. Will this be the last requirement from SETENA? We don't know; my partner feels a "tone of finality" in the document. I hope he's right.

Roadways: curbs are done except for that area around 106 which will be a construction site. Curbs will be one of the last things to be done.

Unit 107: work continued. This unit should be completed in another couple weeks. The window contract will be let this week. The 2nd. story is boarded and taped inside and outside. Stucco is mostly completed on the exterior. Parking and garden areas are being defined.

Unit 106: We expect to break ground on this fourplex soon. The weather is o.k. -raining every couple days- we can live with that. We are getting the final drawings in place. The current occupants are relocating to a vacant unit and the existing building will be torn down to clear the site for the new building.

Unit 102: I've asked the architect for a floor plan and a rendering. I've reviewed the rendering and it's fine -it has all the beginnings of being a fantastic house. However, in my opinion, he needs to concentrate on a floor plan first. We can make it pretty later

Marketing: We've finalized the ads for "A Guide to Real Estate in CR" -a quarterly publication which will be printed soon. We also finalized the ad for the Tico Times.

I've offered to put some people up for a few days who are looking to move to CR. They are expected to be on site July 8. I promised not to break their arms and I realize there are not promises. I'll take my chances on active comparisons; the project will speak for itself.

Other people to whom I made that same offer are scheduled to move on site just before Christmas. As an aside, we're working out an exchange arrangement with their current house in Tamarindo.

I met up with a friend and person who I consider to be an excellent marketer; he'll put together some ideas and we'll see where we go with them.

TRAVEL DEALS TO COSTA RICA: U.S. Air has a promotional sale on beginning Aug. 29 to Oct. 11. Round trip fare from Fort Lauderdale to San Jose - $162. Catch a charter to FL and it becomes a VERY reasonable trip.

Several friends of ours from the marina are expected to spend 3-4 months at Los Jardines this winter. This, however, is largely dependent on us finishing the units currently under construction. In the past, we made arrangements nearby for them in a places which were less expensive. This time, they want to be onsite. Each will be great social additions and are looking to create a way for 6mo - 6mo. sustainability. They are each youngish with families and are looking for a better lifestyle.


Most of the things I needed to deal with are now done. We'll concentrate on renewing friendships now and preparing the boat for a "For Sale" sign. In the mean time, I believe a friend, formerly from the marina and now floating between Toronto and CR, will live aboard after we leave on Thursday.

Lita's life really isn't as good here as it is in CR. All her friends are working here and don't have time for her. I've found much the same -schedules too full, no time for spontaneous get togethers.

Paul, my partner, is in CR now. He's getting a chance to become slightly involved in the construction by reviewing the drawings for 106, curb construction, and monitoring work on 107. When not involved in that, he's getting to know CR better and each time becomes more familiar with his surroundings in the area where he's decided to create a new life. This is one of the advantages of having a partner who's a builder; he can always double for me.

We are loaning our vehicle to our son and putting him on our insurance policy as a 2nd. driver. We aren't using the vehicle, it's residual value is nil, but his insurance is $4,000 a year. I hope this doesn't come back to might us; it did friends of ours. Insurance in N. Am. has become crazy; I think the best investment is stock in insurance companies.

At times, I've beaten myself up and become very impatient with teething problems on technical systems we've installed. The marina where we are docked continues to have ongoing problems it hasn't solved for several years. I hope that is not our future but perhaps I should be a little lighter on myself.

The internet phone is working well now; what a thing of beauty. The wireless, high speed internet has also become fairly reliable. I am, however, investigating some equipment to make it more so. Phone, water and electrical systems were always fairly reliable and remain so. The gate? I think we are making progress.

For Canadians, June 26 is "tax freedom day". The theoretical day at when the average Canadian begins working for him/herself. This date is usually extended a day or so about every other year. I'm not sure it includes all the various little charge backs for services being instituted by various levels of governments. I had a conversation with an accountant last night; he confirmed that the total tax bite is more like 72% of the average earned income. In my opinion the realistic tax freedom day is about November 26 if one really includes ALL the taxes, like capital gains.

Brian, Lita, lonely Hugo and irreverent Vicka, the pigeon toed parrot.

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