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New Construction

Lease / purchase

Phase 3: The construction of the remaining 11 residences.

Scheduled to begin in November with completion expected
by January 31.

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Progress Report

July 1-9 , 2005 // CONSTRUCTION LOG #39

Contact phone numbers

Internet Phone:
New York 315-279-6711 // Toronto 416-907-5758

Costa Rica:
Cell 506-305-3965 // Land 506-282-0910
Pictures: 7 of Unit 107 and one roadway picture


Permit: Friday I signed the document to which another complete set of papers were attached, all of which had been previously submitted and couldn't just be referred to, all 1" of them.... We are still missing one document from the City of Santa Ana saying they will continue to pick up our garbage as they have been doing since God was a little boy. They are taking their full 10 days to sign this letter. We continue to experience how the City of Santa Ana earned it's reputation amongst builders. When we have that document (Wednesday) the entire package will be resubmitted to SETENA for what we again believe will be the end to this stage of the process. At that point again we wait..

Roadways: guess I was a bit aggressive in my previous description of the degree of completion. There was a lot of forming to do on the west side for the parking areas, side walks and protected gardens. We fully expect to be completed all the forming and finishing by Wednesday at which point this crew along with a few others, will be diverted to beginning the 106 complex.

Unit 107: Wow!!!! this unit is really becoming a star in it's own right. The front and back 2nd. floor terraces, the ground floor see thru design, the open, wrought iron staircase, etc. all contribute to what will become another showpiece. The dry walling is done except for some small touch up areas; the stucco is done; floor tile on the terrace are done and are started on the ground floor; kitchen cabinets delivered for installation next week, primer painting done on the ground floor, windows beginning to be installed, roof detailing and rainwater gutters are installed but not yet finished, parking area finished but garden not yet landscaped.

Unit 106: We made arrangements with the long term tenant to relocate to one of our newer units. We expect to begin moving the plants to various parts of the property and around 107 and to knock down the current structure. We will probably have a back hoe in next week to do that and to dig the footings... We'll be hiring a few more laborers. It would be nice to have the working drawings before we begin but it wouldn't be the first time we didn't. We often times get them midway thru the construction. Experience allows us to do this but it's not the way I prefer.

Comment: the decisions and instructions made prior to my leaving were executed very well. Sometimes it's really nice to know you aren't needed on a day-to-day basis, that you have responsible people to support you and people who know how to and want to do the work and you don't have to be present to have that work done. I'm very, very impressed and pleased. I know there are many, many stories of different experiences here and perhaps this crew is unique, but I will challenge anyone who says it can't be so...


This past week was and incredible journey in "self"; I'm still putting it all together and probably won't fully understand it all for some time. Incredible highs in reuniting with friends only to reach the bottom of the barrel shortly after when saying "goodbye". I guess one of the low points (although certainly not intended to be) was the going away party held by boating friends -eulogies of a former life- and common experiences remembered and then seeing the "For Sale" sign on the boat was an incredibly emotional experience. After having come to the conclusion that selling the boat was the only practical solution to our dilemma, and getting an unexpected offer on it with a an equally unexpected rushed closing date was on the one hand exhilarating while on the other hand, it was also very depressing. However as unlikely stories have a way of being unlikely, the deal seems to have fallen apart so...

The rush to entertain the last people and to say the last good-byes, to pack for CR, to move our personal belongings into an area of the boat which could later be off loaded when the boat sold was exhausting- emotionally as well as physically-especially for Lita.

We found that the lifestyle of our family and friends really included virtually no spontaneous time for us and the demands on our time didn't allow lots of advance notice. Some friends and family we didn't see -we had to book several weeks in advance. We started to see cracks developing in the family fabric -all working long hours so they can buy their third house- and in our son's relationship.. We have always had time for friends who come here. While our lives are rich and rewarding with activities, we have the flexibility to enjoy the spontaneity which seems to be lacking in so many lives. I'll take our lifestyle any day.

Lita did manage to get her "white cane" from the (CNIB) Canadian Institute for the Blind only thru shear persistence but they were too busy to show her how to use it. We needed to make an appointment for September. We did get her a few other aids like a talking watch (which promptly fell apart) and a Braille telephone . This was depressing but one just does these things. Her vision is now probably 98% gone. We are both having substantial difficulties dealing with this emotionally and physically. Close friends saw how emotionally raw this is with me when I would just loose it when talking about how life is for her, and for me. Others have adjusted; I can only believe we will as well but let me assure you, it's a rough road for each and for both that no one willingly wants to go down.

Our trip back: As one friend said, any trip that doesn't end in a crash, is a good trip. Just some are better than others. By that definition, it was a good trip; by any number of other definitions, it was a trip from hell... All was perfect until we were land in SJO (8:10pm) -it was socked in with pea soup fog. Probably not far from the tree tops, the pilot realized this wasn't going to work, so aborted. We knew we were o.k. because the G3 force and a 30 degree climb angle said we were. After his teeth stopped chattering, he said we were bound for Libera. Liberia was closed as no planes were scheduled to land. In Liberia we waited on board for several hours hoping for the weather to clear in SJO and for the pilot to change his pants. Someone rousted a government immigration employee out of bed -but he never fully awakened. Any idea how long it takes a government employee to get out of bed and arrive at the job in the middle of the night??????? About an hour! An hour. In another hour, he processed all 135 or so of us. We boarded a bus back to SJO -5 hr bus ride. We had two breakdowns on the way. We arrived at the SJO airport to sunny weather, about 6:30 in the morning. I stayed up most of the day and of course, we got into a party that evening... Now I have a dual recovery mode to attend to.

Our house was cleaned and organized when we arrived although we still can't find things. Lita was reunited with the bloody mean, ungreatful parrot. Hugo was the loneliest (but otherwise fine) little guy I've ever seen. He hasn't let us out of his sight (even attending the party although he stayed in the bushes). A friend returned home from reconstructive breast surgery. After searing the air blue, we got the karaoke machine working. The kitchen and bar are in the process of being stocked. There's a big party at the large pool. We're getting ready for another little party this evening. Our Toronto home phone number is now call forwarded to our VOIP number so we miss few calls and will, I'm sure continue to get lots of marketing calls. Life is returning to normal and I'm really ready for it to.

Brian, Lita, lonely Hugo and irreverent Vicka, the pigeon toed parrot.

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