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New Construction

Lease / purchase

Phase 3: The construction of the remaining 11 residences.

Scheduled to begin in November with completion expected
by January 31.

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Progress Report

Jan.30 - Feb. 5, 2005 // CONSTRUCTION LOG #17


Synopsis: A normal pace.

New Construction

We've now completed all parging of the standing walls. We've started to connect some of the electrical rough-in tubes and water connections. Next week the people who have been working on this, will be diverted to building sidewalks from the parking areas to the houses and through the garden area. There are probably about 3 weeks work to complete this.


It is now virtually finished. The furniture warehouse has lots of shelves; the employee bathroom is tiled and remains for a bit of painting; toilet and wash basin are installed. The exterior of the doors need to be painted and some trim finished. The laundry room is now tiled and folding table and wash basis are nearly completed. The appliances will be hooked up next week and the door to close off the propane tanks will be installed and painted. Tiling of the walkways has been completed; the finishing of the grouting will occur on Monday. The area has been landscaped.


Unit 104: It continues to advance. Windows are in; most of the boarding is done and the first coat of paint is being applied. The exterior is stuccoed and the front entry way has been virtually finished. This building should be completely finished by this time next week.

Unit 105: We spent a few more mandays on this unit. I wasn't satisfied with the quality of drywall finish-blemishes showed up at night when the lights were on. We've rectified this. We are in the process of furnishing it-all remaining furnishings should be delivered and installed on Monday. An Argentinean lady now occupies it; Keith has been moved to #111.

Unit 108: We have continued to tear this unit apart in preparation for rebuilding it. The back terrace has been extended and raised to the same level as the main floor. All original welds have been redone, cross bracing installed, and pillow blocks for the joists onto the sill plate. We should have the final plans Monday morning which will allow us to advance much faster and with more confidence. As 1104 is finished, the crew will be diverted to 108.

The new electrical and telecommunications services along the west side of the property continues to advance. A perimeter water main is also being installed to service the back of the house now that they have back facing terraces and are to be landscaped.


I have a long list of people wanting renovated units. I have only two more area to work on and am trying to design these spaces with the list of people who have said they were interested if I could design... I'm working on it but a few other things have taken my attention.

We had to increase the wages of most classifications of workers in order to be competitive with other construction sites. The increase was probably about the rate of inflation since we started construction in October.

We are now sitting on a substantial amount of drywall and drywall related materials. We took possession of about 1,000 sheets and misc. framing materials, mud, tape, etc. Fortunately we had a place to store it.

The tenant in 107 is moving out for the ostensible reason of the construction next to him. He works late many evenings and sleeps late except that is hard to sleep through a grinding gnawing is way thru steel. The good this is that this frees up 107 to renovate without having to house an existing tenant. The greatest downside is that his girlfriend won't be gracing us with her lovely self. Ouch!!!!!!

Permit: The regional review agency for the Min. of Health insists on classifying the project as a "condominium" despite the fact it is registered otherwise by the initial governmental agency which reviews all construction plans and the plans have a note clearly printed on them that it is NOT a condominium. It seems that the Min. of Health is not making the distinction made by the legal structure and by other authorities. My lawyers are calling in a favor of the chief guy who reviews plans for condominiums to see how he can help. If he can, great; if he can't then I guess we would hire him to see what was involved to go the condo route. Further info. will be included next week.

Our Lives

Guests and Family: Our Canadian friends Sherri and Jack returned to Canada this past week -now writing and confirming they too are interested in a unit if I can design one for them; my sister returned to San Diego as well and an ex-workmate of mine and his wife (Milton and Kathy) arrived on Friday -and they too want a unit again if I can design one for them. They will be here for several days and then I'm not aware of anymore guests.

Illness: I've fully recovered as of now from my inflection and my taste is returning to normal. It took an additional set of pills to kill the bugs but I think they've given up. Too bad I couldn't have infected the parrot!!!!

With friends, family, and illness, it's been a busy week but with no stories -I can tell anyway.

The VOIP is still an illusive goal. For some reason no one has been able to get it to work. We are buying a new one with no prior settings and with a built in Lynks router. Who knows if it will work.

Weather: The past two weeks have been very, very windy. This is normal this time of the year. Lots of dust in the air, trees and tall flowers being whipped around, water blowing out of the fountain, etc. Everyday it's about 23 C / 76 F and the evenings take a blanket.

Brian, Lita, Vicka, Hugo and????

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Contact us at any time to purchase a new house and still be able to select your finishings.

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