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New Construction

Lease / purchase

Phase 3: The construction of the remaining 11 residences.

Scheduled to begin in November with completion expected by
January 31.

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Progress Report

January 23-28, 2006 // CONSTRUCTION LOG #68

Contact phone numbers

Internet Phone:
New York: 315-279-6711
Toronto: 416-907-5758 // 416-461-2203

Costa Rica:
Cell: 506-305-3965
Land: 506-282-4142 Ext. 101

NOTE: the New York and Toronto numbers are "local calls" for people in the area codes; calls from outside the area code will be billed at the normal rate from the caller's area code to either the "315" or the "416" area code.

Pictures: 121 / 122 / 123 / 117 / 118

The Story: Murphy took a breather and we made progress.


Weather: Normally beautiful with strong winds.

Note: virtually all the houses are in various stages of finishing. Lots of detail work is on going on all 7 houses, each person working on his area. I don’t get involved in it much—by now they know what to do and how to do it. I set the priorities, make sure materials are available, that specific client requests are incorporated into their unit, make some color/decorating choices which the client will hopefully like and then watch it come together. In between times, I hound the hell out of the delinquent subcontractors and the deficiency list.

Units 121, 122, and 123

121: The drywall boarding is finished and taping is substantially finished. Exterior moldings are advancing and various little details are being addressed.

122: Ceramic floor tile are installed and grouted. The kitchen cabinets are installed; granite has been chosen as well as the final color —a soft off white cream. The terrace beams have received their last coat of stain and protection. We should make Feb. 13 termination date.

123:. The floor ceramic is installed and grouted. Interior and exterior moldings are advancing.

Units 117-120

117 and 118: will be finished on Tuesday followed by two days of final cleaning. We will meet the deadline of January 31 for Unit 118 and Feb. 7 for Unit 117. We’ll move in some temporary furniture for the owner / occupants.

119 and 120: These units should be finished in about two weeks —kitchens are going in--bathroom tile work is nearly done, and a myriad of minor, but important finishing details are yet to be done.

Units 101 and 102: The first stage of the design approval process has been completed. We’re onto Min. of Health approval for the septic system. I’m told that should be a week. The question is: Is that a “Tico” week or a “gringo” week? We’ll see.

Electrical System Upgrade: Not much progress... more promises.

Roadway: The remaining work is suppose to be completed by Thursday. The sub contractor has scheduled the equipment so it will probably happen.

Lockers: we haven’t yet started construction. Houses are our main concern now.

My visitor from Victoria BC asked why we didn’t add a house to the 2nd. story of the locker building. I started thinking about it and now have a proposal to make to the other residents which will be a win-win deal with no downside to them. We’ll see if our proposal captures their imagination.

The proposal is to build a 1,140 sf. house on the 2nd. floor of the locker room. My partner and I will fund it provided we get a fixed amount of rental revenue to cover our cost and time. When that level is achieved, we turn it over to the Resident’s Association and the rental revenue can be used to defray the monthly common element fee or can be dedicated to a capital improvement. It would have a gorgeous view.

Note: We’ve been advised that the price of the steel we so much of is going to double the first week in February. We’re placing an order for all we expect to need to finish off the three houses.


We closed on 106 B / C / and D.

Next Project

I’ve commissioned some soil studies. Paul and I will review the four options we are considering this week and hopefully decide to focus on one and advance. Two are viable contenders; two are distant follow ups.

Note: As we are coming to a turning point, I’ve worked out the strategy for the next month or so: Finish the houses currently under construction, finish EVERYTHING else —all the little stuff including roads, electrical system, irrigation, sidewalks, landscaping, covered car parking on the east side, all the bits and pieces, etc, etc. Then work on the storage lockers, and now possibly the a 2nd. story house. We have to get rid of a bunch of furnishings and misc. items we have been keeping so we will hold a raffle with the workers – win it, take it, be happy.

We started distributing the inventory to the houses so we cleaned out some storage areas. We have to dismantle the current temporary/construction warehouse as well as project management office, and move into a permanent building at the front of the property –but first we have to clear it out of “jewels” which are no long wanted or needed —the raffle and the workers benefit— good for them. In about 3 weeks, the plans for our house will be approved and then we will move to Unit 113 while our current place is torn down and replaced with a new building.

So while we can see the end of this project, we still have three months or so of work.


I was taken for a drive on Sunday but ordered to return at 2:30 so I could be surprised. I did and I wasn’t but about 30 people had gathered with food / booze and presents. No dumb old fogies gifts that I have been guilty of giving... Considering the T-shirt I was wearing was full of holes, it was appropriate that I receive a couple replacements —a plastic tool kit so I couldn’t do much damage, cigar box, and a few other goodies.

Tuesday morning while I was contemplating my navel in bed over a hot cup of coffee, I was suddenly deafened by a choir of 35 baritones singing “Feliz Cumpleaños” (Happy Birthday). Lita had bribed them with coffee and cake. I suggested that while I appreciated their gesture and admired their enthusiastic singing, they shouldn’t give up their construction jobs as their singing wasn’t that great. We all had a great time. That event was a surprise!!!!

However, this was not to be the end of the surprises: My Victoria BC friend and I had decided we liked Manhattan cocktails. We had produced several dry bottles of rye over his stay. He arrived Tuesday night having cleaned out his refrigerator / kitchen —the dregs included a couple large bottles of Vermouth and several bottles of maraschino cherries. I thought nothing of this; he excused himself and went to the terrace where he returned with a full unopened case of 12 bottles of Canadian rye... now that was a surprise and I can’t even see the end of the Manhattans... He’s now gone but will be remembered for many cherries... We enjoyed his company and will miss him but will not forget him even when the rye runs dry..

A number of friends contacted me on the VOIP phone and we caught up —what a fantastic piece of technology. Our purchaser of 106C brought with him the technology and had had an account set up —virtual plug and talk.

In between times, we’ve enjoyed several curry dinners with friends and have visited our favorite fish restaurant Machu Picchiu —several times.

All in all, a great time... and tonight a deferred IOU to Tony Roma’s for steak or ribs.

Paul, my partner arrived as scheduled; he’ll be here now for several months.

Brian, Lita, Hugo and irreverent Vicka, the pigeon toed parrot.


Contact us at any time to purchase a new house and still be able to select your finishings.

Unit 121
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Unit 122
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Unit 123
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Unit 117
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Unit 118
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