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New Construction

Lease / purchase

Phase 3: The construction of the remaining 11 residences.

Scheduled to begin in November with completion expected by
January 31.

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Progress Report

January 2-7, 2006 // CONSTRUCTION LOG #65

Contact phone numbers

Internet Phone:
New York 315-279-6711 // Toronto 416-907-5758

Costa Rica:
Cell 506-305-3965 // Land 506-282-4142 Ext. 101

NOTE: our land line in CR has changed;
we are now integrated into the compound network.

Pictures: 121 / 122 / 123

The Story: Rushing to meet deadlines and slugging through the work.


Weather: The weather has continued more overcast and cool than normal for here. December was quite still; January has seen the start of the trade winds and that is probably partly to account for the cooler, overcast weather. Based on previous years, this will give way to mostly sunny skies.

Unit 106: Last week I wrote: "Unit 106 D is nearly finished but is not there yet." Only on Saturday did we get the appliance installed and touch ups. It will be ready for occupancy Monday.

106 C: We are working double time to finish this unit in time for the owner's arrival in the evening of January 11. Lots of work yet to do but we still have 5 days.

Units 121, 122, and 123:

121: The second floor is about 1/2 framed. The roof framing will follow next week.

122: The exterior has been stuccoed and exterior moldings are being applied; gutters installed; windows are about 50% completed; staircase railing is completed; ;all drywall boarding is completed, taped and ready for primer paint following the clean up. Final kitchen and closet design is required so the cabinets can be built.

123:. The exterior is about the same level of finish as 122. The interior drywall is a bit further behind but should be finished next week. Taping has started.

Units 117-120: A little work but not much.

Units 101 and 102: No further progress on these; the shoemaker is still shoeless.

Next Project: We received a response from the vendor of the land we were interested in. It appears that at this point in time, we value the land differently. We are continuing to look.

Electrical System Upgrade: No progress. I'm beginning to become very concerned. I've paid $10,000 for a transformer I don't have.

Marketing: We have several discussions going on Units 112 / 117 / and 118. We'll see if they lead to anything. We also have several parties scheduled to arrive that we are hosting while they check us out. Next week will see the arrival of two parties who have previously purchased and their houses are now ready for them.

Roadway-west side: We are making the final preparations for the paving.

Misc.: We are making some modifications to Unit 103; The owner wanted some changes made.


We had a wonderful New Years dinner of about 16 people around the pool. More champagne than we could drink so it's available for the next occasion.

Our friends from Calgary returned on Wednesday and another friend from Victoria B.C. arrived the same day. With our Calgary friends, we visited Samara for two nights. Beautiful as always but a long drive (5 hrs going / 6 returning). Roads were mostly good.

Our purchaser friend, Joe, is still here. He extended his stay due to bad weather in Toronto and bought another house at Los Jardines. He will return this week to Toronto for several weeks but he has scheduled his next trip here in mid February. He's becoming more comfortable being here-he has his computer, my VOIP phone and has actually found himself relaxing at the pool, working out a bit, along with a bit of work which he can do from here-computer an phone-all he needs.

We've re-found "The Grill" of The Monastery restaurant in Escazu. It is reasonably priced, has a tremendous view of the greater San Jose / Central Valley area and has fantastic steaks. We've gone twice this week.

Lita has returned to her daily gym routine and is working at loosing the 3 lbs she put on. I think she is busy preparing a grand surprise birthday party for me-my 60th-; there seems to be all types of rendezvous, trips, conversations, etc. and chaos reigns supreme. My hammock has grown cobwebs and Hugo and I continue to look for a quiet corner.

A local person knew I was interested in orchids. He had a large bunch. I bought them and he's installing them on some old tree trunks I had purchased several months ago with this purpose in mind. Currently, I have 9 in bloom.

Brian, Lita, Hugo and irreverent Vicka, the pigeon toed parrot.


Contact us at any time to purchase a new house and still be able to select your finishings.

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