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Residencias Los Jardines - Life & Times

ISSUE #171: Jan 13-19, 2008

El Dorado: 4 Sales and More on the Way

El Dorado: 4 Sales and More on the Way

Los Jardines: Rental Vacancies


Web site:  Bugs have been dealt with  and new information  added.  It still isn’t completely up to date but has moved closer to that goal.  We are awaiting the uploading of the Maya Tower information.

Marketing: It was an “interesting week” in that we sold 4 units.  Had all the people with whom we had discussions underway wanted different units, we would have sold a number of other homes as well.  However, several people wanted the same units so those who were 2nd. in line, now have to look for other alternatives.  We still have a number of significant conversations underway.  We have given one person until the end of this weekend to make a commitment on a Maya Tower penthouse unit;  we have several people standing in line for it.

We continue to direct our message to the Tico market and have lots of calls.  More often than not, however, when appointments are made, they are either cancelled or “no shows”.  It’s frustrating since we come from a culture which respects and values time.  We will continue a while longer but at some point we might reallocate our budget and efforts.


Architect: We are now assembling all the pieces of the puzzle including the known water supply along with design information on the black water  treatment plant and the bridge across the stream.

I’ve asked the architect to come up with two solutions to lot 23—a horizontal duplex and a single family.  I expect it to be a two story, “L” shaped house with terraces on the west and east side.  I’m not expecting anything soon but I’ve asked him to work on it.

Land Fill / Earth Moving:
This is now nearing completion. 


For Sale: 

Nothing available at the moment. I had expected that two units would come on the market in January but no word on them yet.

For Lease: 

FEBRUARY 3: Unit 106A;  1,250 sf, ground floor unit, two bathrooms,  1-2 bedrooms.  Furnished.  $1,050 mo.

MARCH 1:  Unit 121 – 2 bedroom, 2 1/2 bathroom (one with Jacuzzi),  living room, dining room, den and kitchen on first floor,  view terrace, 2 levels,  1,620 sf, fully furnished. $1,550 mo.

IMMEDIATE: Unit 116—1,350 sf, fully furnished, ground floor, 2 bedrooms, two bathrooms. $1,350 mo.


Weather:  Perfect!!!!!!

Work and Activities:  Steady marketing activities….  Friends leave with good memories and my sister arrives. 

Earthquake: On Friday afternoon,  an earthquake measuring  4.7 R occurred; it  lasted a few seconds.

Brian, Lita, Hugo, irreverent Vicka, the pigeon toed parrot, and the newbies— Chico and Chica.


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