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New Construction

Lease / purchase

Phase 3: The construction of the remaining 11 residences.

Scheduled to begin in November with completion expected by
January 31.


Progress Report

October 23-29, 2005  // CONSTRUCTION LOG #55

Contact phone numbers

Internet Phone:
New York 315-279-6711 // Toronto 416-907-5758

Costa Rica:
Cell 506-305-3965 // Land 506-282-4142 Ext. 101

NOTE: our land line in CR has changed;
we are now integrated into the compound network.

Pictures: misc. of all areas under construction.

This Week's Top Story: Wilma's effect is gone but not before problems!!


Weather: No rain and glorious days all week. An insight into what lies ahead and a welcome relief from the previous several weeks.

114, 115, and 116: Unit 115 is now done with the exception of final cleaning. The area around all three homes is now landscaped. . There are still some exterior things to be finished but they will have wait until we move the warehouse so we can extend the roof for covered parking. Fortunately, we have a surplus of large plants which we can harvest and relocate to these new areas.

Before reaching this stage, however, we had problems!!! Saturday evening after a week of very, very heavy rain, the drains in all three houses backed up causing flooding. Fortunately, four painters had remained to finish off 115; They got seconded to more urgent matters and for the next 4 hours we swept not very nice water through three houses. The problem? We had not completed the rain water management system; a number of drain connections had not been made and this building sits in the pathway of the natural runoff. We have been busy this week making the final connections which will divert water from the natural pathway and we have extended other drain lines. We aren't yet ready to test it again and don't yet know IF we have solved the problem but we will-we have to.

Unit 106: The drywall and white coats have been finished on the two ground floor units. Unit 106 A has it's first prime coat of paint. Ceramic floor tile are on site and we will begin installation next week. The two upper units are framed structurally, braced and the exterior cladding is going on. It's beginning to take shape. The area around the building continues to be cleaned up and learning from our recent experience, we are preparing to connect the drains.

Units 121, 122, and 123: The forms for 123 were removed and the laborers have completed roughing up the poured concrete to make it ready for the parging. This is a laborious, mind numbing job but one which is considered necessary here. The exterior of Unit 123 has been parged with the new one step system; it is virtually ready for stucco. The welders will begin framing the 2nd. floor this next week.

Unit 122: gained some ground this week; we took advantage of the good weather and framed the 2nd. floor floor which includes an extensive wrap-around terrace. We are now preparing for the concrete pour which we anticipate to be on Wednesday.

Unit 121: no progress but that should change this next week. We will have people freed up from 106 and 122.

Units 117-120: All units are dry walled and taping is substantially advanced. Windows are 70% installed and the white coat is on the interior cement walls. The welders are preparing to build the valances and install the railings made earlier.

Units 101 and 102: No progress.-the shoemaker (me) and his wife still live in the low rent district.

Electrical System Up grade: We're still inching along on this but some manpower got re assigned to rain water diversion.

Marketing: Units 107 and 108 closed as anticipated. The paperwork and funds to secure the purchase of 123 also occurred and the same people are looking at 113 for their daughter. The mortgage on the property we assumed from Scotiabank was been paid off.

There continues to be a heightened level of activity. Several people have returned for second looks. We'll see.

The brochures are finished and I'm very pleased with them. We'll begin distributing them locally and through contacts in N. America.

The e-mail marketing started Thursday; we are sending 1,000 mailers per batch over seven nights. This schedule is designed to allow me to respond in a timely manner. I have no idea yet as to the response rate. It will be interesting. This is all new to me. I would like to think the leads generated from this might transcend Los Jardines into the next project.


CableTica, the cable TV company: We're waiting for their response...

Next Project: Re. the 2 hectares in Escazu: The RE agent continues not to return my calls. I've told the absentee owner and the ball is in his court.

Useful Websites on Costa Rica


Lita almost had a new parrot-actually a parakeet. On Thursday, the German residents saw a yellow parakeet in the garden. Since parakeets are not native to this area, we think it was someone's pet who escaped. I pulled Lita off the keyboard (she's learning how to type); she organized a dozen workers to catch this little guy. Everyone had great fun! When caught, we put him in one of Vicka's cages where he stayed for about 5 min. before squeezing thru the bars. He remained free within the house despite our attempts to coax him down. The cat was salivating and watched every move. In the morning he was still there; we went off to get a parakeet cage and by the time we returned he was gone. Where? Don't know but since we didn't see any feathers on the floor and Hugo was sleeping, don't think he's a suspect. I think what happened was the little guy squeezed through on of the many holes we have in our "home". So now we have a cage, parakeet food and no parakeet.

The boat: the sale is now completed and the boat is moved by the new owner. A sad day for us but we have our memories; it just isn't part of our future.

Lita is back to her gym routine hoping to drop another few pounds.

Brian, Lita, Hugo and irreverent Vicka, the pigeon toed parrot.


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