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New Construction

Lease / purchase

Phase 3: The construction of the remaining 11 residences.

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Progress Report

July 31 - August 5, 2006 // CONSTRUCTION LOG #95

Contact phone numbers

Internet Phone:
New York: 315-279-6711
Toronto: 416-907-5758 // 416-461-2203

Costa Rica:
Cell: 506-305-3965
Land: 506-282-4142 Ext. 101

NOTE: the New York and Toronto numbers are "local calls" for people in the area codes; calls from outside the area code will be billed at the normal rate from the caller's area code to either the "315" or the "416" area code.

Pictures: house 101

The Story: NEXT PROJECT NOW CONFIRMED!!!!!! (well almost )


Weather: sunny usually in the mornings with some afternoon showers

Units 101: This has been the focus. Some of the cabinetry has been started and is now awaiting the installation of the granite before it can proceed to completion. The floor tile is completed. Lighting is mostly installed; we had lots of additional lighting installed to help Lita. We are still debating the final color -she wants "happy colors" but we haven't found one which really works well with the beige tiles selected. I'm having two large palm trees moved which will block our view in a few years; both are being relocated to the new property. I've commissioned a mural on the terrace floor in front of the main door -it will celebrate the parrot and the cat. The exterior stucco is being applied; moldings will follow. The ramp has advanced-lighting installed and it has been boarded with Densglas. It should be finished next week.

Unit 102: Not a lot of focus here this week.. I've had the garden which became a bit of a jungle in front of 102 terrace removed and we'll redesign it to allow more light and more open space to this unit.

Lockers: doors and shelves are being made and installed for those who want shelving. Minor landscaping is progressing around this former construction site...

Electrical System Upgrade: It's ready for the meters to be hooked up but so far, we wait!!!!!!! The ICE inspection is suppose to happen this next week; if everything is o.k., then the meters can be installed (if they have them) and power connected. .we're now going on 14 months for this one month project.

Unit 113: it's been reconditioned and is now occupied.

Marketing: some activity but overall fairly slow

Internet: seems to have been working.

Satellite TV: we got yet another "fix" on two units and are awaiting the remaining three.

Next Project

All issues have been agreed to; an offer will be in the hands of the vendor by Tuesday. Since we have researched the property thoroughly, the offer is unconditional. We fully expect to close on the property next week.

I've already written this portion of next week's log but am deferring until the deal is done. Things can always go off the rails.


More or less on hold until we get our house completed. It's got a long way to go in the next 10 days and it will certainly not be finished. Even 85% finished will be a stretch. This past week Lita and I have been busy getting the remaining appliances and trying to work out the finishing details -one of which has been a color scheme which works for the both of us. Blood on the floor might be one of the colors! Aside from the color scheme, I've had extra lighting added and features which I hope will help her find her way around the larger open areas given her limited vision. She won't get everything she wants (some of which are not realistic) but I've found places to put in little things that she will like-a mosaic of a parrot at the entrance door (but I'm sneaking in a cat as well with some scattered parrot feathers), a water fountain (two actually), a corner Jacuzzi, a walk-in closet which is hers alone, skylights, extra lighting in certain rooms, especially the kitchen and the cupboards, a large screen TV in the bedroom with a home theater system, a music room / guest bedroom for her karaoke, a hand painted vanity with a parrot on it as well has her selected color of granite and the distinctive decorating which will be based on that granite, etc. I get a decent office and a hammock on the terrace-I might just claim the color scheme as well to even things out a bit.

Brian, Lita, Hugo and irreverent Vicka, the pigeon toed parrot.


Contact us at any time to purchase a new house and still be able to select your finishings.

Units 101 / 102 Front
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Unit 101
Bedroom closet

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Living room - Office
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Master Bathroom
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Terrace ceiling
Cana Brava

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Ceramic design

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Tile work
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