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Garden Residences resort in Costa Rica
Garden Residences resort in Costa Rica

About Los Jardines

The story
The Development Team

Why this development is unique

In addition to the entire design philosophy: Which differentiates this development from all others.

Emphasis on:

bullet Peace, tranquility, nature, harmony, garden, running water, etc. With attractive and inviting social areas.
bullet Focus on view and the esthetics.
bullet Quality of materials and finishes in all aspects—doors, cabinets, counters, appliances.
bullet Design —kitchen and bathrooms, cross ventilation, indirect natural lighting—
bullet Exterior, lighted terraces for dining and relaxation.
bullet Adequate and reliable lighting, hot water at all locations, “P” traps.
bullet Complete telecommunications systems.

The project is “BUILT”

All construction will be completed by the end of July 2006. All systems are operational and the property management company and business systems are in place. As of June 1, only 4 houses remain available.



There is clear title to the land and the developer has secured title insurance as well.



The condominium documentation in CR does not provide the administrative and legal details as in N. Am. The result can often mean “surprises”.

Los Jardines documentation is based on N. Am. models which should be familiar to North Americans. The documents have been “Costa Ricanized” such that it is legal and enforceable in Costa Rica. They can be reviewed by N. Am. legal counsels.

Our site has a magnificent view of the mountains and the best climate in the central valley.

Here you will find our beautiful homes located in a garden setting with trees, shrubs, and flowers everywhere along with two swimming pools, waterfalls, water fountains, and activities to keep you enjoying nature and the outdoors.

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